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el tribunal     the tribunal    

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Sample sentences:
Ella atestiguó de su honestidad en el tribunal.

She vouched for his honesty in court.
El congresista parecía intocable, pero finalmente fue enviado al tribunal de justicia. The congressman seemed untouchable but eventually he was sent to court.
El delincuente compareció ante el tribunal. The offender appeared in court.
el tribunal court (t)

The machine arrived in Cuba at nine and it was already dark. The border control was nothing like the one in Mexico. They were communist and one could see the strictness and uneasiness of them.
Seldom only do such incidents occur, thank God, but the fact is that these incidents, which are started by a relatively small group, need to have a broader support among others in order to exist.
We woke up around one hour before arriving and got off the train once it arrived at its destination. We checked in for our last night in the same hotel very early in the morning after having coffee of course.
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