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Translation of tristeza

la tristeza     the sadness    

Pronunciation of tristeza    

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Sample sentences:
Fingió tristeza, pero en realidad no le importaba.

He shammed sadness but actually he didn't care.
la tristeza the sadness
con tristeza sadly

Personal tragedies are mentioned everywhere although they do not influence our lifes. The funny thing is that these news are labeled as 'World news' on some major channels. It is totally unappropriate.
The place I have been to is famous for its many language schools. People come from all over the world to learn Spanish and practise their language skills. I guess there are more than two hundred schools there.
By the way, Jeffrey and Brooke got married before the trip and this vacation was their honey moon. On the deck Jeffrey suddenly noticed that he had lost his wedding ring. It was probably in the bag.
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