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Translation of dignificar

dignificar     to dignify    

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Sample sentences:
No voy a dignificar a esa mujer con mi presencia.

I won't dignify that woman with my presence.

I want to improve my level of English. Have you ever been in the U.S. and in which states have you been? I've been in England, Scotland and Ireland, but unfortunately, I have never been to America.
Yes, but on the other hand, using full, simple sentences also helps people who are learning the language more than just the short clauses. It is probably a mix of both, but I have not decided yet which ratio is the best for us.
Do you like Hamburg? I've never been there. Maybe I can visit it one day. I hope to hear from you and please write me in German, so that you will also learn it. Do not worry about mistakes.
Most common translations: desvío    desmayo    descontaminar    depositario    defender    cósmico    cueva    criticar    cortado    conversación