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Translation of dramatizar

dramatizar     to dramatize    

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I have studied French for many hours per week, and I've even lived in Geneva for a while... my French was good than. Today, I have forgotten most of it. I have to re-learn and Vocabulix can help.
My name is Wolfgang, and I am interested to build my Spanish vocabulary. Maybe we can practice together. How long have you learned Spanish? I have been learning for a few years with books.
I want to learn more Spanish. I live in Basel, I am married and I have a sweet daughter called Monika. She is 3 years old. Are you doing sports or don't you like it? For me it is essential.
Most common translations: distinto    diluviar    detenidamente    desnudez    descuento    depurar    definitivamente    dalia    culinario    cruce   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of dramatize   [ dramatized, dramatized ]