Spanish Dictionary

Translation of encabezamiento

encabezamiento     the header    
el encabezamiento     the caption    ; the headline    

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I am hungry for some news and pictures. How is life in New York? Like in the movies? If so, do you have an extra room for a week or two? Michelle, Charlie and I returned from Italy after having a great vacation.
The place I have been to is famous for its many language schools. People come from all over the world to learn Spanish and practise their language skills. I guess there are more than two hundred schools there.
I got to the southern tip of the island and visited the light house. I also remember to have visited some turtles or crocodiles nearby. I was not the only one who drove around the island by motorcycle.
Most common translations: embellecer    educador    dosis    disputar    digno    detallar    desmañado    descontar    depravar    defenderse