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Translation of enganchar

enganchar     to hook    
enganchar     to hitch    

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The entrance hall had a design of the seventies which I found charming. An older man came towards me an asked me whether I needed a ride. I agreed and we drove to downtown of Havana, capital of Cuba.
The problem is that we are planning day by day and in our region (Maine, New Hampshire...) most hotels are 'by request' and not by 'space available'. I could do it but I would need to do the follow up.
By the way, Jeffrey and Brooke got married before the trip and this vacation was their honey moon. On the deck Jeffrey suddenly noticed that he had lost his wedding ring. It was probably in the bag.
Most common translations: en línea    embaldosar    ecosistema    doncella    disoluto    diferenciar    destructivo    desinterés    descolgar    departamento   

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of enganchar
engancho  enganchas  engancha  enganchamos  engancháis  enganchan  enganchaba  enganchabas  enganchaba  enganchábamos  enganchabais  enganchaban  enganché  enganchaste  enganchó  enganchamos  enganchasteis  engancharon  engancharé  engancharás  enganchará  engancharemos  engancharéis  engancharán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of hitch   [ hitched, hitched ]
Conjugation of hook   [ hooked, hooked ]