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Translation of extracto

el extracto     the extract    

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Sample sentences:
Leí un extracto de la novela y no me gusta la forma en que está escrita.

I have read an extract of the novel and don't like the way it is written.

So I cannot eat an entire fish, that looks like a fish and I cannot eat an entire chicken that looks like a chicken. Understand? It is all in the head, as I have told you before. Nothing personal.
The sky was dark blue and this is what my sister had told me many years ago when she was there. One of the reasons for that was the altitude of the city, I recall to be it above 2000 meters.
I looked at the street name and saw that we were at the right hotel but on the wrong street. That is when I suspected that there were several hotels with the same name, one original and the rest copycats.
Most common translations: exclusivamente    estreñido    estaca    esparcir    escape    entretener    enganchar    en línea    embaldosar    ecosistema   

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Conjugation of extract   [ extracted, extracted ]