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Translation of verpfänden

verpfänden to pawn    ; to mortgage    

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Sample sentences:
Der Künstler war so arm, dass er seine Staffelei verpfänden musste.

The artist was so poor he had to pawn his easel.
verpfänden to plege

This Thursday afternoon a group of twenty five belonging to the Language Institute of English will take a trip to the Canadian city Montreal, accompanied and well protected by the bodyguard Linda.
We had time to walk around the waterfall but refrained from entering the little lake at the bottom. My fellow tourtakers were quiet nice and we spend a while just sitting in the grass near the water.
The Halong Bay Red Dragon boat's capacity was around ninety passengers and had a much larger crew. We did not have a choice at all and the couple from Washington and we decided to go for it.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of verpfänden
verpfände  verpfändest  verpfändet  verpfänden  verpfändet  verpfänden  verpfändete  verpfändetest  verpfändete  verpfändeten  verpfändetet  verpfändeten     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of mortgage   [ mortgaged, mortgaged ]
Conjugation of pawn   [ pawned, pawned ]