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Translation of bear in German

to bear     gebären; tragen
to bear     überbringen
the bear     der Bär

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Sample sentences:
He could no longer bear his guilt and ran to the confessional.

Er hielt seine Schuldgefühle nicht mehr aus und rannte zum Beichtstuhl.
Mr Herford's stupidity was hard to bear. Herr Herfords Dummheit war schwer zu ertragen.
gummy bear; gummi bear Das Gummibärchen
to arise; spring up; bear [costs] aufkommen
to bear against (Gefühl) hegen gegen
to bear a child ein Kind gebären
The bear(s) Der Bär, Bären
to bear (Amt)ausüben, innehaben
to bear the costs die Kosten tragen
to bear the risk das Risiko tragen
to bear off davontragen, entfernen
to bear the burden die Last tragen

All travel agents, but one, were all pritty unreliable as one could perceive immediately. We did not care for a dollar more or less and everybody promised the same which was not convincing.
A flew hours later we landed in Siem Reap. The land around us was amazingly green and the weather was very humid. We were still in shock while driving into the city center with our driver.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of bear   [ bore, borne ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of gebären
gebäre  gebierst  gebiert  gebären  gebärt  gebären  gebar  gebarest  gebar  gebaren  gebaret  gebaren     
Conjugation of tragen
trage  trägst  trägt  tragen  tragt  tragen  trug  trugst  trug  trugen  trugt  trugen