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Translation of being in German

the being     das Wesen
the being     das Dasein

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Sample sentences:
The accused is to be seen as being innocent until proven otherwise.

Der Angeklagte ist als unschuldig zu betrachten, bis das Gegenteil nachgewiesen wird.
She was sick of constantly being the victim of his caprice. Sie hatte es satt, ständig das Opfer seiner Launen zu sein.
There was a lot of traffic on the interstate, and we ended up being late. Auf der Autobahn war Stau, und wir kamen zu spät.
being polite höflich; vornehm; gehoben
being / existence; (bi:ing) (*)(1) Dasein
being unchanging Beständigkeit2
being alone; isolation allein sein
to come into being zustandekommen
to being; began; begun anfangen
person; human being der Mensch
being used gewöhnt sein
the being; entity das Wesen

All travel agents, but one, were all pritty unreliable as one could perceive immediately. We did not care for a dollar more or less and everybody promised the same which was not convincing.
The first thing he wanted to show us was a war memorial for Cambodia's civil war. The war has ended only few years earlier and was still very present in the mind of the entire population.
Lunch was given at a family-run restaurant back in the valley. The headaches disappeared once were were back at 2000 meters. From there we continued to the Salar, a salt lake, mostly arid.
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