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Forget in German

to forget      vergessen 
to forget     vergessen; verlernen

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Sample sentences:
He forgot to write the postal code on the envelope.

Er vergaß, die Postleitzahl auf den Umschlag zu schreiben.
The booby next door forgot his key again. Der Trottel nebenan hat schon wieder seinen Schlüssel vergessen.
He had forgotten his keycard and went back to the lobby. Er hatte seine Schlüsselkarte vergessen und ging zurück in die Lobby.
to forget something etwas vergessen
forget-forgot-forgotten vergessen
forget forgot forgotten vergessen
forget/forgot/forgotten vergessen
to forget, leave behind vergessen
forget to do vergessen zu tun
to forget zurücklassen2
do not forget Vergiss nicht
forget forgot

I started to speak Spanish because i had i boyfriend from Mexico. Especially I've never learned Spanish . I only listened and repeated what he spoke. Now i speak Spanish well but i need to learn grammar rules.
Hi there again, before I forget to send you my email address, it's *****, whit this email address we can speak with Skype. I hope that we can continue our friendship. Please stay in touch me soon. bye
I did not feel well that night and we decided to stay in our room. My wife brought me fresh take away salad. We were exhausted from our day and watching a movie was the right thing to do.
Most common translations: go for a walk    hare    however    invent    later    lye    mineral water    newsletter    ostrich    perfume   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of forget   [ forgot, forgotten ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of vergessen
vergesse  vergisst  vergisst  vergessen  vergesst  vergessen  vergaß  vergaßest  vergaß  vergaßen  vergaßt  vergaßen     
Conjugation of verlernen
verlerne  verlernst  verlernt  verlernen  verlernt  verlernen  verlernte  verlerntest  verlernte  verlernten  verlerntet  verlernten