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Translation of requirement in German

the requirement     die Anforderung; die Voraussetzung
the requirement     das Bedürfnis; die Forderung

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Sample sentences:
Tim was not sure his skill would satisfy their strict requirements.

Tom war nicht sicher, ob seine Fähigkeiten ihre strengen Anforderungen erfüllen würden.
This router does not meet the quality control's requirements. Dieser Router erfüllt nicht die Anforderungen der Qualitätskontrolle.
requirement; prerequisite; assumption Aufgabe; Anforderung; Voraussetzung
requirement Anforderung; Bedürfnis
requirement Bedingung; Anforderung
requirement forderung bedarf
requirement (An)Forderung
requirement Pflichtkurs
requirement Pflichtfach
requirement Anspruch

We spoke on Friday noon, I got your details through Vocabulix friends. That is similar to what you're teacher is using. It would be best if we could meet or communicate through phone or email.
I will forward the words to you tomorrow or Sunday, once they give their OK. Which hotel did you book? Did you speak to the Chef de cuisine and can I make the reservation at the restaurant?
She could not join me since her flight to Israel was supposed to leave in less than 48 hours. I helped her carrying the bag to a hostel in Cancun and we went together to the airport. I postponed my flight again.
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