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Translation of implacable

implacable     relentless    

Translation by Vocabulix

Sample sentences:
Fue implacable al decirle todos sus errores.

He was relentless in telling her all her mistakes.
El mercado es implacable. The marketplace is ruthless.

Good luck and success in this new job. Please tell Anna that this morning I had a great Capuchino coffee and I had to think of her. The aroma reminded me of our vacation in Northern Italy.
It is good if you have previously practiced only Spanish, which also shows that you are very good at other languages, and still can learn many things. I hope I'll learn it soon and practice.
I have been studying Hungarian for one month. I also speak English, German and Latin. Hungarian would be my fourth language, and it gives me headache. I still can not say anything, not even one word.
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