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Translation of intercambiar

intercambiar     to interchange    

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Sample sentences:
Los dos equipos intercambiaron banderines.

The two teams exchanged pennants.

We arrived at my Casa, a private home with an extra place that the family rented. I sat down and they gave me a drink. They explained me that they wanted me to stay at another house for some reason.
I wrote you an email. Is this still your address? Please respond if so. Anything goes. I am with May tomorrow. I hope that is OK with you... You're checking out the new Ford, I heard. A great car.
We told the cabdriver the streetname we would like to go and he brought us there. This time the place did look like a three star hotel and we booked a night. I went to pay for the taxi ride.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of intercambiar
intercambio  intercambias  intercambia  intercambiamos  intercambiáis  intercambian  intercambiaba  intercambiabas  intercambiaba  intercambiábamos  intercambiabais  intercambiaban  intercambié  intercambiaste  intercambió  intercambiamos  intercambiasteis  intercambiaron  intercambiaré  intercambiarás  intercambiará  intercambiaremos  intercambiaréis  intercambiarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of interchange   [ interchanged, interchanged ]