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Translation of lechón

el lechón     the piglet    

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Sample sentences:
Estaban asando un lechón para la cena de la fiesta.

They were roasting a piglet for the party dinner.

Today we have what we call 'hair dryer wind' (south wind from over the Alps), and it is around 30 degrees in Aarau. In some places even 31. Many people have headaches because of the weather.
This messaging systems is very weird, especially if you are older than 30 or 40... I do not understand how it works, but it works... once we put a message out, over 2000 people see it within 1 day per page per message.
Right now I'm looking for a new job. Actually, I feel good, although I've had a cold for a few days. I can not get past autumn without catching a cold and I cough usually until spring.
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