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Madrid     Madrid    

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Sample sentences:
Ella voló de Madrid a Zurich.

She flew from Madrid to Zurich.
Necesito un mapa para encontrar la mejor manera de viajar de Madrid a Vigo. I need a map to find the best way to travel from Madrid to Vigo.
De acuerdo con el horario del tren, el tren a Madrid llegará en diez minutos. According to the train timetable, the train to Madrid will arrive in ten minutes.

If you see a blank page, please refresh it, as we updated it a few hours ago and the old one might be in your cache. We took the graphics from your website and from your brochures. Are we allowed to do that?
I just saw the Arsenal match. It was very boring and the atmosphere in the stadium was weak. I think that it was mainly due to the cold and not due to the quality of the game. But it was worth it.
At the bottom a Jeep waited for us and it was only a fifteen minute drive uphill to get back to the village. We explored the village and went to have a coffee at some nice place around the center.
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