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Translation of marido

el marido      the husband     

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Sample sentences:
Le dio sus condolencias por el fallecimiento de su marido.

He gave her his condolences for the demise of her husband.
La rabia por su marido no la dejaba pensar correctamente. Her anger at her husband prevented her from thinking properly.
La voluntad de su marido era ser incinerado y ella puso sus cenizas en una urna. Her husband's will was to be cremated and she put his ashes in an urn.
el esposo; el marido husband
el marido echtgenoot
marido husband

They do not care and that means that they just want to be happy, independent and wealthy and do not strive to be a powerful nation like the countries that surround it. It is completely different.
I will forward the words to you tomorrow or Sunday, once they give their OK. Which hotel did you book? Did you speak to the Chef de cuisine and can I make the reservation at the restaurant?
She was a very cute twenty six year old woman from the area, had a perfect English and could be understood well. She told us to put on good shoes and we started walking towards the valley.
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