Spanish Dictionary

Translation of mínimo

mínimo     minimal    
el mínimo     the minimum    

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Sample sentences:
El estudiante promedio estudia sólo el mínimo para aprobar los exámenes.

The average student studies only the minimum to pass the exams.

Since it had no wind and no turbulences at all we landed right on time. I had an entire afternoon until my connection to Havana and decided to spend it in the duty free shops, or in the restaurants.
Now I needed to decide where to go next and I decided to use the information that the girl gave me. I went back into town to the central station and booked a night bus to a place called Palenque.
Once at the JFK I had six hours of stop over. That was plenty of time to think whether it was worth flying to Cancun or staying a few days in NY, waiting for the hurricane to pass. I called friends.
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