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Translation of previamente

previamente     previously    

Pronunciation of previamente    

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Sample sentences:
Él tiene un enorme poder sobre ella, que no hace nada sin consultarlo previamente con él.

He has enormous power over her, who does nothing without previously consulting him.

I expect it towards the weekend. Will you by any chance be in Switzerland in the week from June 15 to June 19? Most importantly, I will ask you to send me your homework so that I can correct it.
The trip included a lot of walking and the guide told us the history of this region, of the Chiapas state and also how it evolved in the context of the entire Mexican country. Very interesting!!!
The pass was on the way to Lai Chau, and on the day we were there it was foggy on both sides. There were some other travelers at the top and to be honest, the view was even beautiful when it was foggy.
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