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Translation of retrospectiva

la retrospectiva     the flashback    ; the retrospective    

Pronunciation of retrospectiva    

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Sample sentences:
Esta película es difícil de entender porque tiene muchas escenas retrospectivas.

This movie is difficult to understand because it has a lot of flashbacks.

Since my wife is pregnant, we must postpone the trip until tomorrow. I am back again in Poland in June and then I would be very happy to meet you. I will email the exact dates a little later.
I've never been to America, but I wanna fly to New York in the end of this year, maybe go to Washington and possibly to LA. It would be nice one months to learn English there. I started to learn now.
My daughter and her husband have invited me today, it is always very nice to visit them. There were many friends there too, because it was my grandson's birthday. We were very happy and celebrating.
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