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Translation of cognate in Spanish

the cognate     el cognado    

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Sample sentences:
The words 'accident' in English and 'accidente' in Spanish are cognates.

Las palabras 'accident' en inglés y 'accidente' en español son cognados.

Will you be online in 1 hour? I saw your translations and had some comments: rainbow is it 'arco iris' or one word arcoisris? Usually all words appear lower case. Sometimes it is uppercase. It all depends.
It is good if you have previously practiced only Spanish, which also shows that you are very good at other languages, and still can learn many things. I hope I'll learn it soon and practice.
Actually, the East Coast is six hours behind CET, that means that I would speak on midnight at your 6 o'clock dinner. We should try written exercise first because of the huge time difference.
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