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Translation of dampen in Spanish

to dampen     humedecer    

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After dinner we walked back and saw some interesting sites and shops on the way. Everything was quite impressive, as always in a new country. We entered the hotel and took an elevator to our room.
I wish you would help me to improve my Spanish. I am studying law in Germany and I am trying to learn Spanish. I hope you can help me and I could help you to learn German. Have a great day.
The next two hours we were busy with moving our stuff to our new place and organizing our trip to Machu Picchu for the next day.
Most common translations: decrease    demon    detain    dining-room    dismantle    doe    dress    early    electromagnetic    encore   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of dampen   [ dampened, dampened ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of humedecer
humedezco  humedeces  humedece  humedecemos  humedecéis  humedecen  humedecía  humedecías  humedecía  humedecíamos  humedecíais  humedecían  humedecí  humedeciste  humedeció  humedecimos  humedecisteis  humedecieron  humedeceré  humedecerás  humedecerá  humedeceremos  humedeceréis  humedecerán