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Translation of dribble in Spanish

to dribble     driblar    

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Sample sentences:
The football player dribbled the ball until he got to the other team goal and scored.

El jugador de fútbol dribló la pelota hasta que llegó a la meta del otro equipo y anotó un gol.

We bought a Sandwich and were looking for a taxi, but the streets were so crowded that we had to wait nearly one hour to find a cab. We even had to walk a few blocks in order to catch one.
The next temple was around forty five minutes away. Its name was Beng Melea. It was placed on a hugh area covered with trees and plans. The buildings of the temple were surrounded by nature.
We visited the Inca Ruins on the mountains near Pisac: A taxi took us to the top and we walked all the way back down to Pisac (which by the way is not an easy task on day 2 at this altitude)
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of dribble   [ dribbled, dribbled ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of driblar
driblo  driblas  dribla  driblamos  dribláis  driblan  driblaba  driblabas  driblaba  driblábamos  driblabais  driblaban  driblé  driblaste  dribló  driblamos  driblasteis  driblaron  driblaré  driblarás  driblará  driblaremos  driblaréis  driblarán