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Translation of exhort in Spanish

to exhort     exhortar    

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We wanted to take a hot shower but there was no hot water at all. We asked someone to fix it and he showed us that there was a heating switch outside the bathroom which would turn on the boiler.
Please correct me, if i misspelled something! Where are you living? What are you doing in your life? I hope it's okay if i correct your mistakes. I wish you could do the same for me, it will help my writing skills.
We were a little sad that we had to leave Peru so soon, but we had to take the 7.30 bus which would take us to the Chilean border. Chile and Argentina were still the main destinations of our trip.
Most common translations: eyeball    fault    fifteen    flatten    force    freckle    furthermore    generation    gloom    graft   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of exhort   [ exhorted, exhorted ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of exhortar
exhorto  exhortas  exhorta  exhortamos  exhortáis  exhortan  exhortaba  exhortabas  exhortaba  exhortábamos  exhortabais  exhortaban  exhorté  exhortaste  exhortó  exhortamos  exhortasteis  exhortaron  exhortaré  exhortarás  exhortará  exhortaremos  exhortaréis  exhortarán