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For in Spanish

for     This present is for you. para     Este regalo es para ti.
for     por    

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Sample sentences:
His aide already had the documents ready for him.

Su asistente ya tenía listos los documentos para él.
Roy apologised to her for what he had said before. Roy se disculpó con ella por lo que había dicho antes.
She wanted to stay here for awhile. Ella quería quedarse un rato acá.
for two people; for 2 people para dos personas; para 2 personas
to take for granted dar por hecho; garantizar
be home sick; long for; miss añorar(1)
in exchange for; in trade for a cambio de
to fight for; to struggle for luchar por
to hunt for butterflies cazar mariposas
for life de por vida; para toda vida
for that reason Por esa razón
for the morning por la mañana

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