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Translation of hair in Spanish

the hair      el pelo     
the hair     el vello    
hair     el cabello    

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Sample sentences:
I need my hairbrush and my comb to do my hair.

Necesito mi cepillo y mi peine para arreglarme el cabello.
She went to the beauty parlor to have her hair done. Ella fue al salón de belleza para que la peinen.
She is at the salon to have her hair dressed. Está en el salón de belleza para que la peinen.
long hair el pelo largo(1); pelo largo(1)
wavy hair el pelo rizardo; pelo rizardo
straight hair el pelo liso; pelo liso
hair dryer; Foehn la secadora de pelo
short hair el pelo corto; pelo corto
to brush (one's) hair cepillarse
tangle (hair); mess enredo
dark hair pelo moreno
hair; haar/e el pelo

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