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Translation of impatient in Spanish

impatient     impaciente    

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Sample sentences:
He was impatient and pattered the table with his fingers.

Estaba impaciente y tamborileaba la mesa con sus dedos.
impatient impaciente

We were indeed the only ones there so we took our time and enjoyed the moment. A little later we ate lunch which consisted of the snacks we had brought and a coconut. It was only one o'clock.
The trip was coming to an end. We were driving to the airport knowing that we had to fly 12-hour to Spain, than a break in Spain for of around 6 hours and than the rest 4 hours, a total of 22 hours.
Anyway, our stay in Puerto Varas was nothing special, as the weather was terrible. We continued to Bariloche the same day. It was a 6 hour long bus ride passing the Andes mountains. The views were amazing.
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