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Translation of lose in Spanish

to lose      perder     

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Sample sentences:
They asked for a rematch after losing the first game.

Pidieron una revancha tras perder el primer juego.
She is wearing a wig because chemotherapy made her lose her hair. Ella lleva una peluca porque la quimioterapia la hizo perder el pelo.
The imbecile did everything wrong and made us lose a lot of money. El imbécil hizo todo mal y nos hizo perder mucho dinero.
Lose Perder

Friends, Family and similar relationships you are saying mostly "Du". Young people too. In the city, on the phone, school, at work and in the bank always say "Sie" for now.
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We checked in at the Hotel de Paris, a small hotel owned by a friendly, old lady. Our rooms were OK, but we asked to be transferred to the newer part of the hotel. The stomach ache of my wife did not disappear.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of lose   [ lost, lost ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of perder
pierdo  pierdes  pierde  perdemos  perdéis  pierden  perdía  perdías  perdía  perdíamos  perdíais  perdían  perdí  perdiste  perdió  perdimos  perdisteis  perdieron  perderé  perderás  perderá  perderemos  perderéis  perderán