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Prepare oneself in Spanish

to prepare oneself      prepararse     

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HOLA is Spanish and means hi, doesn't it? How is life in Brazil, is it really as dangerous as they say in the TV? Maybe you can tell me a little bit of your country, in Spanish, then I can correct your sentences!
The next morning we felt much better, but we decided to stay in bed the entire morning to fully recover. We watched some Seinfeld episodes which were running every morning at around 10a.m.
Burlington in Vermont is one of the healthiest cities in the entire United States of America. The capital of Vermont is Montpellier. Apart from that Vermont offers a lot of green hills and many lakes.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of prepararse
[me preparado]
me preparo  te preparas  se prepara  nos preparamos  os preparáis  se preparan  me preparaba  te preparabas  se preparaba  nos preparábamos  os preparabais  se preparaban  me preparé  te preparaste  se preparó  nos preparamos  os preparasteis  se prepararon  me prepararé  te prepararás  se preparará  nos prepararemos  os prepararéis  se prepararán