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Welcome in Spanish

welcome      bienvenido     
welcome     bienvenida    ; bienvenido    
the welcome     la bienvenida    

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Sample sentences:
The actress received a warm welcome at her comeback.

La actriz recibió una cálida bienvenida en su regreso a la escena.
Welcome to my humble abode. Bienvenidos a mi humilde morada.
welcome bienvenidos; bienvenido; bienvenida
welcome; reception la acogida
Welcome ...plural bienvenidos
you're welcome de nada

And I think it is really good idea for us to writing with each other in Spanish or English. however i am still beginner for Spanish learning. It seems still impossible for me to writing to you in Spanish. But i hope i can do it soon.
Do you want learn Spanish? Do you have a telephone? I am looking forward to hearing from you and sorry again, I was extremely busy during the last three weeks. I hope you can forgive me.
Many thanks for your letter. I am delighted to tell you that I have passed my exams and am looking forward to the next year. Meanwhile I am planning a trip to Costa Rica and some places around there.
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Conjugation of welcome   [ welcomed, welcomed ]