German-English Lesson '024'


All words and their translation. Start the lesson and try to translate the words yourself.

=online pronunciation, pronounce vocabulary.

German English
der Sommer the summer pronunciation
einverstanden agreed pronounce vocabulary
putzen to clean audio
lügen to lie online sound
April April speak
glauben to believe free
das Stadion the stadium pronunciation
das Telefon the phone pronounce vocabulary
die Maus the mouse audio
die Brille the glasses online sound
sich irren to be mistaken speak
die Mitternacht midnight free
die Butter the butter 
der Rest the rest 
der Wald the forest 
der Lehrer the teacher 
sicher sure 
Guten Appetit enjoy your meal 
der Anfang the beginning 
die Post the mail 
gratis free of charge 
der Satz the sentence 
fahren to drive 
verheiratet married 
Genug! Enough!