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legen Könntest Du den Brief auf den Tisch legen? to put     Could you put the letter on the table?
legen to lay    

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Sample sentences:
Schwester Marthe legte ein feuriges Temperament an den Tag, wenn es um Hygiene ging.

Sister Martha displayed a fiery temper when it came to hygiene.
Seltsamerweise legte der Abonnent der Zeitschrift gegenüber eine respektlose Haltung an den Tag. Strangely enough, the subscriber displayed a disrespectful stance towards the magazine.
Der Henker legte die Schlinge um den Hals des Gauners. The executioner put the noose around the crook's neck.
legen lay down, put; colocar; poner (3ra)
legen, stellen,; legte, stellte, put; put
das Handwerk legen to bring to justice
enthüllen; offen legen to reveal
nahe legen to suggest; to indicate
enthüllen, offen legen reveal
legen; verlegen to lay, laid, laid
eine Bombe legen to plant a bomb
sitzen,stellen,legen put/put/put

Can we do it one day earlier? 30.April? I probably can't on the 04.05, but I will know just next week. Maybe we can do a phone lesson first and than the writing exercises. I do not feel ready yet.
In the following pages I would like to talk about a topic which should concern everyone of us. It is a delicate topic which has been present as long as human beings have existed and it will last forever.
The very young cab driver took us into town and we started to look for a place. We picked a name in the guide booked, told the driver where to go and arrived there two minutes later.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of legen
lege  legst  legt  legen  legt  legen  legte  legtest  legte  legten  legtet  legten     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of lay   [ laid, laid ]
Conjugation of put   [ put, put ]