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Translation of distribute in Spanish

to distribute     distribuir    

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Sample sentences:
The company distributed ballpoint pens as a giveaway.

La compañía distribuyó bolígrafos de regalo.
distribute repartir

it was very hot and very cool and very long. I will go to Mallorca at the end of June only for a week... but it is enough.... the sun, beach and water, coast... uuuhhh. For my job I use German and English language.
The next temple was around forty five minutes away. Its name was Beng Melea. It was placed on a hugh area covered with trees and plans. The buildings of the temple were surrounded by nature.
The next morning we got up at 4.30. At sunrise, one hour later, a taxi waited for us in front of the hotel. He would take us on a 2 hours private sightseeing tour around Arequipa, just before traffic started.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of distribute   [ distributed, distributed ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of distribuir
distribuyo  distribuyes  distribuye  distribuimos  distribuís  distribuyen  distribuía  distribuías  distribuía  distribuíamos  distribuíais  distribuían  distribuí  distribuiste  distribuyó  distribuimos  distribuisteis  distribuyeron  distribuiré  distribuirás  distribuirá  distribuiremos  distribuiréis  distribuirán