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Translation of emigrate in Spanish

to emigrate     emigrar    

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Sample sentences:
Many people emigrated from Ireland in the nineteenth century.

Mucha gente emigró de Irlanda en el siglo XIX.

Our day came to an end and Samu brought us back to the hotel. We agreed to take a ride with him one more time and that was on the way to the airport. We took his cellphone number just in case.
The next temple was around forty five minutes away. Its name was Beng Melea. It was placed on a hugh area covered with trees and plans. The buildings of the temple were surrounded by nature.
I think I have to switch back to English. It will take me two years until I write an entire letter in German and I suppose I do not have the time for it. Does that mean that I am not serious about learning?
Most common translations: enter    eternity    exhort    eyeball    fault    fifteen    flatten    force    freckle    furthermore   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of emigrate   [ emigrated, emigrated ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of emigrar
emigro  emigras  emigra  emigramos  emigráis  emigran  emigraba  emigrabas  emigraba  emigrábamos  emigrabais  emigraban  emigré  emigraste  emigró  emigramos  emigrasteis  emigraron  emigraré  emigrarás  emigrará  emigraremos  emigraréis  emigrarán