French Vocabulary Builder

Parlez-vous français?

Not yet but you really want to learn it? No problem! Vocabulary is the basic building block of every language. Words are necessary to expand your language knowledge. Our online French Vocabulary Builder is therefore perfect for you. It can teach you over 2000 French words, it doesn't take much time, and - best of all - it offers many free vocabulary lessons, for example the travel image lessons.
Vocabulix allows you to learn new words but also to drill verb conjugations and grammar rules.



Just pick any lesson that suits your needs and get started. Are you looking for a certain level? Do you want to build vocabulary in a certain subject area? Or do you prefer to study with pictures? Take a look at our list and choose your lessons.

Whenever you get something wrong, our system asks you for the same word again later. Once you make less than five mistakes in one lesson, you may move on to the next lesson.

Register free of charge, and our vocabulary builder will save your results and help you optimize your next study session. Use our fun and easy tools to improve your French now. What are you waiting for? Allez!

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