German Vocabulary Builder

Guten Tag. Wie geht es Ihnen?

Our online German Vocabulary Builder is fun to use and guarantees good results within a short time. It can teach you more than 2000 new German words. Take a look at the lessons - you will find varying degrees of difficulty, subject areas, and even lessons illustrated with pictures to make studying even more fun. Many lessons are free, so start now at no cost.



Are you still shy about your German, although you have studied it at school for years? Do you have a German sweetheart, or another reason to improve your German language skills? Vocabulix is your solution.

No matter what lessons you opt for, studying with our Vocabulary Builder is not only efficient but also fun! You can even personalize your study experience by creating your own lessons.

After you log in, your successes and failures will be saved so the program can help you memorize hard words and optimize your next study session.

But what are you waiting for. Get started! Jetzt gleich!

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