What Is The Best Spanish Course?


By Adriana L. Jacklin, San Diego, California

There are many ways to learn Spanish. You can choose from a Spanish software, DVDs, online courses and classes offered by local adult education programs and colleges. The best Spanish course for you will depend on a number of factors.

Why do you want to speak Spanish? If you just want to learn a few phrases for a trip you are planning, DVD lessons may be the least expensive and most sensible choice. If you need to actually learn to speak the language fluently, an online course or a Spanish software offer excellent language studies. Programs that offer 24/7 online tutorial support through email and chat are available both through online studies and software programs.

DVD lessons are not really designed to make the individual fluent in the language, just provide a basic grounding for comprehension and simple conversations. College and adult education classes vary in quality and for the most part, aren't designed for short intensive study. It can take years to become fluent this way. If you really want to become fluent quickly, you need a more intensive approach. I believe the best Spanish course is either an online course or a software program.

Whichever you choose for your studies, make sure it can take you from the beginner to the advanced level. Not every course can do this. When learning a language, continuity is important. You should also find out if your course offers email and chat support from a tutor. This gives you the option to ask questions to a tutor and have them answered.

To be truly fluent in a language you have to be able to read and write it. Make certain that any method you are considering includes written exercises. Being able to read and write will be the key to fluency.

The best Spanish programs offer speech recognition technology. When you are practicing your oral exercises, this software can point out errors in pronunciation and usage. You get the reinforcement necessary to learn to speak the language properly. This is a real plus.

Another plus for any language course is MP3 sound files. This feature allows you to listen to the language while you are in your car or jogging even during your exercise work out at the gym. Listening repeatedly to a language you are learning reinforces what you have learned.

When you were learning English in school, you had vocabulary lists and vocabulary drills. Schools use these tools because they are central to learning language skills. Does the course you are considering offer vocabulary exercises? You need to memorize the words in the language before you can speak fluently.

Grammar is another important aspect: Proper punctuation and sentence structure are important to making yourself understood. Remember the third grade teacher that made you diagram sentences? The Spanish course should include tutorials for the basic rules of the grammar.

If you are looking for the a Spanish course online, I can personally recommend Rocket Spanish. This course offers many features and will give you the fluency you are seeking. If you prefer to buy a software course, I highly recommend Tell Me More. Even if you only need Spanish for traveling as a tourist, this is a great way to learn. Don't you want to speak enough Spanish to be able to haggle in the market?