Italian Vocabulary Builder

The vocabulary builder will show you a word in English and you will have to type the word in Italian. If you choose Italian->English, the vocabulary builder will show you the words in Italian.



Tips for the Italian vocabulary builder:

First we recommend that you register so that you will be able to save your Italian vocabulary lessons online and fetch statistics about your performance.

Each lesson has 25 words. We suggest that you practice no more than 10 new lessons per day and that you advance to the next 10 lessons only if you achieve less than 5 errors per lesson. In other words, try to achieve a score of at least 145 in lesson number 1 to number 10. After that continue to lesson 11 to 20, and so forth.

Lessons 1-85 in our vocabulary builder are order by level of difficulty and beginners should definitely start will the first lesson (#1).

Enough "words" for now... start a lesson by pressing the above "Start" button. Good luck and Enjoy!

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