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Vocabulix teaches you languages online. Our system recognizes your strengths and weaknesses and adapts to your needs with an individual studying plan.
During your studies our personal trainers will also help you through our live chat and with personalized email tips.


"I just wanted to thank you for developing such a useful tool. While these superconnected apps pretend to teach you languages, you have developed a real tool that allows people to truly build their knowledge of a language gradually and properly." Bernard, United States
"Vocabulix lets me learn and revise vocab in a graduated way, using multiple choice and spelling modes. You can see your progress clearly, practice and improve your scores as much as you like. It's quite enjoyable, actually." Margaret, Australia
"Vocabulix definitely helped me a lot to refresh and widen my language skills acquired in college." Marta, Germany

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About us

Our company is based in Switzerland where 4 official languages are spoken. We started Vocabulix in 2005 and have taught over 100,000 people since then. Vocabulix is also used in many schools around the world.

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Fun Learning with the Travel Blogger Project

Improve your vocabulary skills by looking at beautiful images from around the globe, taken by selected travel bloggers. Free. Start >