English-German Lesson 'Visual 1'


All words and their translation. Start the lesson and try to translate the words yourself.

=online pronunciation, pronounce vocabulary.

English German
the house das Haus
the dog der Hund
the car das Auto
the cat die Katze
the phone das Telefon
the meat das Fleisch
the water
Sample Sentence: to drink water
das Wasser
Sample Sentence: Wasser trinken
the computer der Computer
the man der Mann
the woman die Frau
the baby das Baby
the boy der Junge
the apple der Apfel
the orange die Orange
the television das Fernsehen
the heart das Herz
the pen der Kugelschreiber
the soccer der Fußball
the family die Familie
the street die Straße
the school die Schule
the food das Essen
the river der Fluss
the sea das Meer
the lake der See