English-Spanish Lesson '001'


All words and their translation. Start the lesson and try to translate the words yourself.

=online pronunciation, pronounce vocabulary.

English Spanish
until pronunciation
Sample Sentence: until tomorrow
hasta pronunciation
Sample Sentence: hasta mañana
the restaurant pronounce vocabulary el restaurante pronounce vocabulary
twelve audio doce audio
terrible online sound horrible online sound
the word speak la palabra speak
perfect free perfecto free
too much pronunciation demasiado pronunciation
the party pronounce vocabulary
Sample Sentence: They dance at the party.
la fiesta pronounce vocabulary
Sample Sentence: Ellos bailan en la fiesta.
the help audio la ayuda audio
to help online sound ayudar online sound
first speak
Sample Sentence: the first time
primero speak
Sample Sentence: la primera vez
healthy free sano free
the work  el trabajo 
nice to meet you 
Sample Sentence: It is very nice to meet you.
mucho gusto 
Sample Sentence: Mucho gusto. Es un placer conocerle.
where  donde 
how  como 
but  pero 
three  tres 
the vacation  las vacaciones 
the wife  la esposa 
the use  el uso 
zero  cero 
sick  enfermo 
a bit 
Sample Sentence: a bit later
un poco 
Sample Sentence: un poco más tarde
to start  comenzar