English-Spanish Lesson '005'


All words and their translation. Start the lesson and try to translate the words yourself.

=online pronunciation, pronounce vocabulary.

English Spanish
the weather pronunciation
Sample Sentence: the weather forecast
el tiempo pronunciation
Sample Sentence: el pronóstico del tiempo
to be able to pronounce vocabulary poder pronounce vocabulary
to visit audio visitar audio
to tell online sound
Sample Sentence: She told me something that I did not know.
decir online sound
Sample Sentence: Ella me dijo algo que no sabía.
big speak grande speak
to make happy free
Sample Sentence: It makes me happy to hear the good news.
alegrar free
Sample Sentence: Me alegra mucho conocer las nuevas noticias.
the question pronunciation la pregunta pronunciation
six pronounce vocabulary seis pronounce vocabulary
the apartment audio
Sample Sentence: He lives in an apartment.
el piso audio
Sample Sentence: El vive en un piso.
nothing online sound
Sample Sentence: Nothing else.
nada online sound
Sample Sentence: Nada más.
the hunger speak el hambre speak
the family free la familia free
the hour  la hora 
traditional  tradicional 
to drink  beber 
to play  jugar 
to cry  llorar 
to be tired 
Sample Sentence: I am very tired, I am going to sleep.
tener sueño 
Sample Sentence: Tengo sueño, me voy a dormir.
sad  triste 
the bed  la cama 
white  blanco 
no  no 
again  otra vez 
the rain  la lluvia 
to feel bad  sentirse mal