English-Spanish Lesson 'Vacation 1'


All words and their translation. Start the lesson and try to translate the words yourself.

=online pronunciation, pronounce vocabulary.

English Spanish
the room
Sample Sentence: How many rooms does this hotel have?
la habitación
Sample Sentence: Cuántas habitaciones tiene este hotel?
the hotel el hotel
the double room la habitación doble
the single room la habitación individual
the train el tren
the plane el avión
the beach la playa
the sea el mar
the restaurant el restaurante
to eat comer
to drink beber
to pay pagar
the sun el sol
the check
Sample Sentence: To ask the waiter for the check.
la cuenta
Sample Sentence: Pedir la cuenta al mozo.
the reception la recepción
the passport el pasaporte
the suitcase la maleta
the bag la bolsa
the taxi el taxi
to travel viajar
the address la dirección
the ship el barco
the airport el aeropuerto
the beer la cerveza
the water
Sample Sentence: to drink water
el agua
Sample Sentence: Beber agua