German-English Lesson '009'


All words and their translation. Start the lesson and try to translate the words yourself.

=online pronunciation, pronounce vocabulary.

German English
studieren to study pronunciation
rennen to run pronounce vocabulary
auch also audio
schlafen to sleep online sound
Sample Sentence: Wohin gehen wir?
where to? speak
Sample Sentence: Where are we going to?
das Abendessen the dinner free
ohne without pronunciation
vergessen to forget pronounce vocabulary
kaufen to buy audio
weniger less online sound
Sample Sentence: Wo versteckt er sich?
where? speak
Sample Sentence: Where does he hide?
viel much free
der Kaffee the coffee 
der Familienname the family name 
Sample Sentence: Heute bin ich früh aufgestanden.
Sample Sentence: Today I got up early.
mittagessen to have lunch 
Sample Sentence: Ich bin im Auto.
Sample Sentence: I am in the car.
sich bewegen
Sample Sentence: Sie bewegt sich.
to move 
Sample Sentence: She moves.
die Gruppe the group 
das Meer the sea 
das Brot the bread 
schwer difficult 
bringen to bring 
freut mich
Sample Sentence: Es freut mich sehr Dich kennen zu lernen.
Sample Sentence: I am very pleased to meet you.
Sample Sentence: Wir mussten stehen, da es keine freien Sitzplätze mehr gab.
to stand 
Sample Sentence: There were no more free seats, so that we had to stand.