German-English Lesson 'Vacation 1'


All words and their translation. Start the lesson and try to translate the words yourself.

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German English
das Zimmer
Sample Sentence: Wieviele Zimmer hat dieses Hotel?
the room
Sample Sentence: How many rooms does this hotel have?
das Hotel the hotel
das Doppelzimmer the double room
das Einzelzimmer the single room
der Zug the train
das Flugzeug the plane
der Strand the beach
das Meer the sea
das Restaurant the restaurant
essen to eat
trinken to drink
bezahlen to pay
die Sonne the sun
die Rechnung
Sample Sentence: Den Kellner um die Rechnung bitten.
the check
Sample Sentence: To ask the waiter for the check.
die Rezeption the reception
der Pass the passport
der Koffer the suitcase
die Tasche the bag
das Taxi the taxi
reisen to travel
die Adresse the address
das Schiff the ship
der Flughafen the airport
das Bier the beer
das Wasser
Sample Sentence: Wasser trinken
the water
Sample Sentence: to drink water