Spanish Reading Comprehension Exercises

Vocabulix has created a number of reading comprehension exercises for you. We have created 10 different exercises about a travel story in South America (easy level) as well as exercises that are based on real-life articles taken from Spanish-language newspapers (those exercises are a little more difficult as the text targets native speakers). We have tried to focus on travel articles that cover destinations in Spanish speaking countries.

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Some general background on the language:

There is no doubt that Spanish is a good language to learn, and working on your Spanish reading comprehension will prove invaluable over time. Spanish is the influence behind the language spoken in many countries. All in all, Spanish is spoken by over 332 million people worldwide. As a result, with time spent on Spanish reading comprehension, going to any Spanish speaking country will not leave you feeling you landed on another planet. Road signs and maps will be far easier to understand, and while you may know how to say a specific word, being able to write it and read it will help give you greater confidence.

The reason behind Spanish being so popular is the same reason why English is such a worldwide common language. Europeans, such as the Spanish and English, were great exploring nations in the earlier part of the second millennium. If you look at Mexico and Central America, Spanish is the predominant base for languages, while the same applies to much of Southern America, including, Columbia and Venezuela. Islands around the Caribbean, including Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic base their language on Spanish. The Spanish influence extends further afield to the Philippines, while nearer to Europe, certain languages in North Africa also have a Spanish influence.