Spanish Vocabulary Builder

¡Buenos días! Hello!

You want to learn Spanish or improve your existing Spanish skills? Use our online Spanish Vocabulary Builder and learn more than 2000 new Spanish words! It includes also many free word lessons.
We have created this high-end online vocabulary builder to give everybody access to technology-based language learning.



Sorted according to difficulty levels, subject areas, or picture groups our Vocabulary Builder offers over 100 lessons. All you have to do is choose your favorite ones and get started.

If a word hasn't quite settled in your memory yet, the program will repeat it again later to make sure you get it in the end. You can even create your own lessons to customize the vocabulary builder and adjust it even better to your needs.

We recommend a daily dose of no more than 10 lessons. Once you get a total of 75 or 80 points per lesson for these lessons you can move on to the next batch. If you are logged in, the trainer saves your results and helps you decide what to study in your next session.

Under the progress tab you can follow your progress and measure your performance.

There is no easier way to improve your Spanish. Go for it! ¡Venga!

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