English-Spanish Lesson '008'


All words and their translation. Start the lesson and try to translate the words yourself.

=online pronunciation, pronounce vocabulary.

English Spanish
the love pronunciation el amor pronunciation
to snow pronounce vocabulary nevar pronounce vocabulary
good audio bueno audio
to think online sound pensar online sound
to go speak ir speak
the window free la ventana free
black pronunciation negro pronunciation
to understand pronounce vocabulary entender pronounce vocabulary
today audio hoy audio
the house online sound la casa online sound
to love speak amar speak
the thief free el ladrón free
the class 
Sample Sentence: to travel first class
la clase 
Sample Sentence: viajar en primera clase
Sample Sentence: He did not see him and neither did I.
Sample Sentence: El no lo vio y yo tampoco.
how?  cómo? 
the face  la cara 
low  bajo 
to rain  llover 
to protect oneself  protegerse 
to put 
Sample Sentence: Could you put the letter on the table?
Sample Sentence: Puedes poner la carta sobre la mesa?
the journey 
Sample Sentence: The journey to Italy was great.
el viaje 
Sample Sentence: El viaje a Italia fue fantástico.
the city  la ciudad 
the mother  la madre 
the night  la noche 
to feel good 
Sample Sentence: I feel good.
sentirse bien 
Sample Sentence: Yo me siento bien.