English-Spanish Lesson '015'


All words and their translation. Start the lesson and try to translate the words yourself.

=online pronunciation, pronounce vocabulary.

English Spanish
the tea pronunciation el té pronunciation
to play music pronounce vocabulary tocar pronounce vocabulary
to show audio mostrar audio
to move online sound mover online sound
never speak
Sample Sentence: I would never ask him that.
jamás speak
Sample Sentence: Jamás le preguntaría eso.
the wood free la madera free
have a nice trip pronunciation Buen viaje pronunciation
still pronounce vocabulary
Sample Sentence: I am still here.
aún pronounce vocabulary
Sample Sentence: Aún estoy aquí.
Monday audio el lunes audio
the cough online sound la tos online sound
free speak
Sample Sentence: A free country.
libre speak
Sample Sentence: Un país libre.
the data free los datos free
to smoke  fumar 
the nose  la nariz 
Sample Sentence: I was there seven years ago.
Sample Sentence: Hace siete años estuve allí.
great  estupendo 
to get dressed 
Sample Sentence: I will get dressed nicely before going out tonight.
Sample Sentence: Me vestiré bien antes de salir esta noche.
the war  la guerra 
the blood  la sangre 
to live  vivir 
the price  el precio 
to bring along  llevarse 
to remember something  recordar 
the lesson  la lección 
the foot  el pie