Spanish Vocabulary

Spanish is the third most widely spoken language in the world. It is spoken in Spain, in most of the countries in South and Central America, in several Caribbean island countries and the Philippines. It is also spoken in parts of the United States as a second language. Spanish is a Romance language which means that most of its words have their root in Latin. Other Romance languages include Italian, French and Portuguese.

Vocabulary is the most important part of learning to speak and comprehend a language. The following exercises are intended to test your knowledge of the meaning and usage of Spanish words as you build your vocabulary and understanding of this beautiful language.

Choose one of the following lessons to improve your Spanish vocabulary skills. We recommend that you start with the Visual Lessons.



Why learn Spanish Vocabulary?

The basic unit of any language is words and the total number of words is the vocabulary of the language. Even if one does not know grammar or syntax, one can understand the much of the meaning of written or spoken language if one knows enough words of the language. The greater the number of words a person knows the better able they are to communicate in business and social settings. Understanding words allows even those with poor grammar skills to understand the message that the words convey and to respond to verbal communications appropriately.

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